BlockShow Americas 2018 Focused On Government Initiatives, Impact on Industries

BlockShow Americas 2018 Focused On Government Initiatives, Impact on Industries

The BlockShow Americas 2018 conference has kick-started in Las Vegas attracting more than 1,500 persons. The conference has focused on the latest updates on legal, as well as, technological aspects in respect of the blockchain technology and digital currencies and government initiatives. Similarly, the meeting also analyzed the impact on big industries. Interestingly, the meeting comes amidst doubts expressed by a section on the importance of blockchain technology and the hype surrounding it. There was already an indication that most of the pilot proposals are not seeing the end result.

Hottest Topic

Over 80 speakers from over 50 nations throughout the globe to discuss the hottest topics impacting the blockchain community, according to a report in The second stage offered the forum conflicting opinions and ideas, and a stage has reached where international experts have challenged their opponent’s position in the blockchain technology space. Professionals and industry leaders have participated in the conference.

They have taken advantage of the situation and threw light on the disruptive kind of blockchain technology’s role in several sectors. This included advertisement, AI, real estate and much more. Former White House Press Advance for Barrack Obama, Johanna Maska, has talked about the potential of creating democracy through the use of blockchain technology. Another prominent speaker was Democracy Earth Foundation’s treasurer and co-founder, Herb Stephens. His focus was on the blockchain-drive democracy. He charged of corruption in the current centralized databases.

He also indicated that the industry is moving towards incorruptible from the corruptible position. For his part, Dbrain co-founder and CEO, Dmitry Matskevich, has clarified that democracy is all about including minorities apart from adding technology to those who could have access to it. Apart from that, democracy is its capacity to distribute power to the minority from the majority. On the other hand, Bitcoin Foundation board member and BTCC digital coin exchange’s co-founder, Bobby Lee, talked about the “freedom of money.”

He believes that the financial institutions, as well as, regulators have complete control over the traders’ money currently. As far as he is concerned, crypto revolution is all about freedom of money that is much similar to that of like “freedom speech.” An advocate of the popular digital coin, bitcoin, provided an outline of the top four mistakes in investing in cryptos. Selling after a small gain or resorting to selling following a panic crash, hesitancy in investing and not buying enough are cited as four mistakes.

Call For Proper Regulation

The debate continued on several key issues. This included the lack of regulation and how perfect regulation could encourage blockchain development. Experts from tax, law, and accounting besides industry have participated in the conference. TMT Blockchain Fund’s founding partner and angel investor, Julian Zegelman, cited about the “jurisdictional agnosticism” that the industry is undergoing currently.

There were also discussions about the initial coin offerings (ICOs) and the challenges before it. ThinkMarkets’s Naeem Aslam thinks that the stability in price is the important factor for regulations and ICOs. At the same time, Adjunct Law Professor, Andrew Rossow, wanted investors and traders to get protected and not to believe in what they see.

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